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We offer a broad spectrum of platforms to accelerate, standardize and secure your dévelopments,building on the new technologies of industry
oFactory WO : Real-time production monitoring - DigiOF platform is a toolbox software consisting of pre-designed bicks able to meet the specific needs of equipment interconnexion, human-machine ergonomic interface and data analysis.
DigiOF digitises production monitoring through a simple QR-code that accompanies each batch, pointing to all the information relates to that batch. This solution makes it possible to centralise data and allows you to have a continuous overview, as well as to instantly know the precise location of every production batch from a smartphone, Tablet, PC or a TV.
Flexibilisation of production
Digitisation makes it possible to instantaneously transfer instructions to all the actors in the chain of production.
The oFactory WO platform brings you unmatched flexibility, both in the scheduling as well as the personalisation of the products maufactured. a response to the new Industry 4.0 standards.
Capacity planning, anticipation of loading conditions and maintenance operations
Light integration with your tools

#Industry 4.0 #SPC #supervision of production #customization #industrial software #workflow management

oMachine agile automation for smart machines - Assisted and capitalised automation - Faster and cheaper
Assisted design based on machine management templates tested on various projects.
Accelerated development through efficient mechanisms and off-the-shelf components.
Assisted implementation thanks to tools such as stepper or tie-off, easily available.
Simple, preventive maintenance, to be implemented through the opening of the platform.
oMachine develops in an object-oriented environment, whcih which allows high efficiency, even on projects which are particularly complex. In addition, the simulation mode makes the development of software independant from the machine's availability.
oMachine is compatible with most of the technologies in the market, both in relation to PLC and CNC, as well as vision and motorisation
equipment or other standard components. In addition, the library can easily be enhanced to integrate your specific components, whether with our support or independently by your own technicians.
oMachine is built on communication and secured design,allowing simple, reliable and fast connection between machines, to your production network or to your database, including via OPC - UA.
#automation #sepcial machine #Industry 4.0 #Industrial software

oReality is the platform dedicated to rapid application development mixed reality and augmented reality.
Innovate in industrial operations with mixed reality
• step by step guidance and training of operators : improve the quality by guiding the operators in the execution of procedures (control)
• assistance for quality inspections
• live support for demanding logistics
• and many other new openings
• Digital information inlay : bring digital information directly where it is needed

Woopsa to connect simply your applications between themselves and through internet of Things (IoT), thanks to a protocol based on Web standards, freely available and free of charge.
#open source

Concept Hmi to accelerate and standardise the development of your applications by :
• creating rapidly modern HMI interfaces
• capitalize on know-how
• standardize technical knowledge
• interconnect your applications
#Industrie 4.0 #Iuser interface #HMI #WPF #Web #industrial software

Concept Rt, to create real-time applications, with high performance :
• application code is independent on the hardware
• high flexibility and modularity for you industrial softwares
• IoT connectivity
#Industrie 4.0 #real time #embedded#technological independence #lindustrial software