Minimally Invasive Brain Navigation With Platinum Maestro Motion Controller

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Researchers at the Imperial College of London are working tirelessly on the EU-funded EDEN2020 project. The project aims to significantly improve the treatment procedures in neurosurgery by making them less invasive than ever before. Minimally invasive surgery means performing surgical procedures without major cuts. Therefore, it is also referred to as buttonhole surgery or keyhole surgery.

The aim of the EU project, involving several universities, is to make progress in the treatment of brain diseases and the resulting need for medicines. This challenging task brings together several key technologies, with the robotic catheter control, the delivery of the medicine at the appropriate location in the brain, the key component. For the drive and the control of the medical robot, the servo drive and motion control solutions of the drive specialist Elmo Motion Control were chosen due to the drive solutions and years of expertise in medical technology.

Requirement-appropriate motion control

At the heart of this medical robot are steerable needles or stylet-driven robotic catheters that allow surgeons to navigate precisely through the brain, such as the tumor, to administer the drug at the most appropriate site. The movements of the catheters are optimized and observe various obstacles such as sensitive brain regions and maneuver with the utmost accuracy to minimize the risk of irreversible damage to the brain. The task of controlling the steerable catheter through the brain is very demanding, as it must synchronize up to four axes simultaneously and with an accuracy of up to 10 μm. Anyone can make mistakes for example, caused by jerky driving of the catheter or other misconduct seriously damage the patient's brain. To solve this challenging task, Elmo Motion Control GmbH's highly developed motion controller Platinum Maestro from Viernheim near Mannheim is used for the four-axis catheter control, as well as four tiny but very high-performance Gold Twitter servo drives for driving the brushless motor.

Elmo's Platinum Maestro is well-equipped to synchronize the four axes that advance the catheter with an EtherCAT cycle time of 250 μs. "The system is capable of detecting and recognizing intraoperative, continuously deforming brain anatomy with unprecedented accuracy and high refresh rates," said Prof. Ferdinando Rodriqugez Y Baena, Project Coordinator for the EDEN2020 project. It is ideal for very demanding multi-axis applications. Its enormous processing power, which is required for highly synchronized systems, and countless motion algorithms make it ideal for machines and robots that need to operate very fast and extremely accurately. The Platinum Maestro optimizes EtherCAT networking like no other motion controller. Minimum network cycle times combined with deterministic user programs enable high-performance, real-time, multi-axis performance that is fast, reliable and easy-to-use, as well as motion blending, real-time updates of target positions, 1D, 2D and 3D high-resolution position error correction, ECAM (electronic cams), smart gearing, high multipart motion segments and trajectories, interpolations with 7th order polynomials, Position Velocity Time (PVT), Position Time (PT), and spline profiling for jerk-free motion required for catheter control , The multi-axis motion scenario is executed with high precision and, due to the high bandwidth, in the shortest possible reaction times.

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