The Perfect Motion For Any Robot. A 7-Joint Arm Robot Performing ‘T’ai Chi Ch’uan’

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Elmo’s Ultimate Multi-Axis and servo solution incorporated in the design and development of the first Chinese Collaborative Robot by Siasun, China

Elmo’s ultimate Motion Control solution is boosting the new design and answering the challenges of the first manufacturing floor Collaborative Robot Coworker developed by Siasun, a leading Chinese robotic company. Imagine a robot that perfectly emulates the motions of a martial arts ‘T’ai Chi’ Master – with precision, accuracy, speed, and power.
Consider the important meaning of an integrated robot collaborating with humans in the real-world manufacturing floor, complying with critical and mandatory safety constraints. Using Elmo’s unique and advanced servo technology, one of China’s leading companies in the field of robotics and automation has just completed the development of its first homegrown human-machine collaborative factory-automation robot. Elmo provided ultra-small and powerful network based servo drives, which were mounted directly onto the robot joints.
This proved to be advantageous for numerous reasons among which were efficiency, ruggedness, space saving, minimum cabling, low EMI, and overall increased reliability of the system. Achieving maximum servo performance with dual servo loops, and operating high resolution absolute encoders were just some of the challenges confronted when building this sophisticated, collaborative 7-joint arm robot in record time. Elmo’s proven record in the field of high end motion-control robotics was instrumental in reaching the highest levels of multi-axis and servo performance during the development process.

Elmo Solution - The Servo Drives
Elmo’s ultra-small and powerful Ethercat Gold servo drives were selected for the challenging task. The drives were mounted directly onto the robot joints, and were a perfect choice for maintaining the small size and compactness of the robot. Two powerful ultra small Gold SOLO GUITAR drives were used to drive the two base joint motors that support the whole mechanical structure of the robot. The ability to drive the motors with continuous current of 50 Amps and high peak current of up to 100 Amp allowed reaching the required high speed, acceleration, and deceleration operation rates. Additional five miniature Gold SOLO WHISTLE drives capable of running 20 Amps continuous current, and up to 40 Amps peak current were used to operate the additional five robot joints. Each drive in the system operates at maximum speed, acceleration and deceleration rates, yet also required to operate at slow speeds with extremely high accuracy and precision. Such polar opposite operation using same drive is made possible by the exceptional 1:2000 dynamic current range, and the very wide bandwidth response of the drives.

The EASII (Elmo Application Studio)
Elmo’s highly advanced yet simple to use configuration tool, the EASII, (the tool that “does it all for you”) assisted in tuning each of the individual drives in the network to their highest level for optimized servo performance. System Identification and suitable controller design, using high order filters to overcome imperfections in the mechanical structure, were just some of the tools implemented to elevate the system to its highest possible servo performance.

The Platinum Maestro, The Ultimate Multi- Axis Controller
Controlling the whole system is Elmo’s advanced multi axis controller, the Platinum Maestro (P-MAS), over real time deterministic serial EtherCAT networking with 16 axes fully synchronized at cycle time of 250us (down to 100us cycle time with 8 fully controlled axis) .Elmo’s proven ability to support a wide range of built-in robot kinematics using the P-MAS, with mechanisms such as Cartesian, SCARA, 3- link, Delta etc. makes it easy to answer any robotic challenge.

Elmo’s Smart, Small, and Simple servo and motion solutions boost the performance and enhance the functionality of Siasun’s newest technology – the collaborative robot.

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