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Aarauerstrasse 25
CH-5600 Lenzburg
Canton d’Argovie

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Description du produit

Expert allows to identify and solve problems quickly and effectively

The Expert module allows companies to freely allocate knowledge. Whenever an employee (or any authorised person) needs guidance, they can issue a re­quest and are connected to a designated expert. The employee – wearing AR glasses or holding a mobile device – and the expert share the same view: An audio-visual stream allows the expert to see and hear from the perspective of the employ­ee. The stream can also be manipulated, e.g. allowing the employ­ee to highlight problems by drawing into their field of vision, or letting the expert supply a field technician with helpful documents or videos. Conversations may also be recorded, if an incident needs to be re­viewed, or for training purposes. The company itself decides which employees to register as ex­perts and may further assign designated areas of competence for each expert.

The benefits of this module are clear: Whenever travel time and/or expert work hours can be re­duced, companies are able to save money and to better use the pre­cious time of their be­st-trained staff. Furthermore, there are distinct advantages over classic phone calls, which might other­wise be used for prob­lem solving: Audio-visual communication has been shown to be drastically more time-effi­cient than standard calls. Additionally, our module al­lows group commu­nication, with the option of adding more experts to an active discussion.

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