LiFi-XC-AccessPoint - Wireless - Visual Light Communication

Produit de SYM TEQ GmbH System Solutions




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Description du produit

LiFi-XC-AccessPoint - Wireless LiFi AccessPoint - Visual Light Communication powered by pureLiFi

LiFi systems provide immersive connectivity
Connectivity is evolving. The spectrum now has to accommodate more mobile users and a forecasted increase to 20 Billion IoT devices by the year 2020. It is time to future proof our networks to enable the connectivity demands of tomorrow. With LiFi we can utilise spectrum more than 1000 times greater than the spectrum utilised for radio frequencies. LiFi is begining to unlock unprecedented data and bandwidth.

Getting more from your network with LiFi
Imagine every LED light in our offices, buildings and cities could become a high speed, smart, and secure internet access point.
The pureLiFi LiFi-XC system offers partners the ability to deploy a fully networked LiFi solution. LiFi-XC supports multiple access, roaming, complete mobility and ease of use – providing a level of user experience that is comparable to existing wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi with the added security, safety and data density of visible light.

LiFi Deployment
LiFi products from pureLiFi are LED agnostic allowing for LiFi technology to transform existing LED lighting infrastructures into reliable, fast, secure and highly dense wireless networks. The installation process is straightforward and flexible. LiFi backhaul can be deployed using a standard mains powered solution. The LiFi Access Point also supports PoE/PoE+ and Cisco UPOE to minimise the cabling required for deploying the network. In addition to the standard lighting and LiFi functionality, the LiFi-XC AP also allows the attached LED luminaire to be dimmed using a proprietary control protocol over IP, DALI frames, or an analogue level where available.
TR-069 remote management and automatic provisioning software suite are also available to ease the deployment and management of large LiFi networks.