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Aarauerstrasse 25
CH-5600 Lenzburg
Canton d’Argovie

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Description du produit

Task combines guide and training for standardised processes

This application is best suited for training, production, and reoccurring maintenance. Manuals, job cards, or checklists are displayed in AR. Additionally, live-data generated during the production process can be directly used by Task, revolutionising the way our customers interact with their machines. Throughout the process, users equipped with AR glasses have access to all relevant data, while still being able to work without any constraints. Manuals or documents in general can be opened and effortlessly searched using gestures and voice commands. Check­lists can be worked through, completed in the field, and then safely stored as a time-stamped file to attest for the completion of any giv­en process. Users may also create reports or add data to a task, making it possible to create custom content attached to a task and accessible to anyone performing the same task in the future. Companies are free to create their own charts – e.g. a protocol, to document damages to a machine or build­ing.

We expect this module to bring the highest eco­nomic potential to our customers. AR sup­port for standardised processes leads to sub­stantial time savings and fewer errors: Trials with weaker hardware and software increased efficiency by 8 to 46%,[1] on top of reducing staff training times.

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